Practical Strategies to Managing Separation Anxiety in Settings: On-demand Webinar with Dr Gillian Harris.

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Separation anxiety, a normal part of development in all children, has been exacerbated by the pandemic, and is on the increase. Join this webinar for early years practitioners to learn practical strategies to managing separation anxiety in settings.

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A recent survey by OFSTED revealed that 1 in 2 children have fallen behind in personal, social and emotional development. Lockdown created small nuclear family bubbles with limited interaction with anyone else. As activities resume and life opens up, transitioning back into settings can be hard.

It is likely that both parent and child will need support to ensure the transition goes smoothly, minimising distress for all involved, and early years practitioners play a critical role. In this recorded webinar Dr Gillian Harris, Consultant Paediatric Clinical Psychologist and Melanie Pilcher, Quality and Standards Manager for the Early Years Alliance discuss the implications of separation anxiety and share plenty of tips and information from their own experience.

You’ll learn:

  • How to recognise the signs of separation anxiety
  • What fuels separation anxiety
  • Practical strategies to managing separation anxiety in settings
  • The three-stage model of settling children in

About the presenters

Dr Gill Harris, Honorary Senior Lecturer in Applied Developmental Psychology, School of Psychology, University of Birmingham and Consultant Paediatric Clinical Psychologist, Birmingham Food Refusal Service

Dr Gill Harris is a qualified clinical psychologist, who has worked at the Children’s Hospital Birmingham as a consultant psychologist, and at the School of Psychology, University of Birmingham as a Senior Lecturer. Throughout her career, Gill has worked on food acceptance and refusal in childhood and infancy and is an expert in this field.

Melanie Pilcher, Quality and Standards Manager, Early Years Alliance

Melanie has worked in the early years and childcare sector for 25 years, with nearly 15 years at the Early Years Alliance.

Previously working for local authorities and the NHS, Melanie brings a wide range of early years expertise to ensure the best possible outcomes for children in early years settings.


Early Years Alliance (EYA)

“We’re pleased to be working with the Infant & Toddler Forum to deliver this webinar on managing separation anxiety – a really important topic – at a crucial time when children are returning to settings after the summer break. Early years professionals need to feel supported in working with children and parents – we will share practical ways for tackling anxiety, and how to minimise distress for all involved.”



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